martes, 10 de junio de 2008

¡De Todo un Poco!

This cake was made especially for my nephew and Godson "Santiago" to celebrate his 2 year old birthday party! the theme of the party was: Transportation and I found some very cute (and cheap) candles in a boat, plane and car shapes... I decorated it with some gum drops and wrote his name with edible marker....It looked yummy!!

Also I baked & decorated some cupcakes... they were very simple but cute...buttercream icing, some jimmies and colorfull wraps and some picks help a lot! ...

I printed some cars, boats and planes for making the picks. Chocolate covered strawberries...mmmhhh.... and some truffles!!

they were my "first time" strawberries....

and they looked and tasted great !!

Carrots Cupcakes especially made for one of my oldest ( because Imet her in the University)

and dearest friend... for her "lingerie" bachelor party!! we had a lot of fun that night!!

I also design invitations.... these ones were for a thank u brunch...